Our Products

Products supporting visually impaired persons

One of the major areas of interests for us is to support the functioning of people with visual disabilities. With this in mind we have developed electronic tag system TOTUPOINT.

Very simple to use and extremely useful proved to be the electronic compass developed by us

The mobile application "QR Voice Sticker" the easiest, cheapest and reliable way of marking a variety of items.

Awards and prizes

These products were presented at "REHA for the Blind in Poland 2015" exhibition, organized by "Szansa dla Niewidomych" Foundation. Visitors appreciated the high functionality of our products and thanks to their votes we won first prize: "IDOL w kategorii FIRMA/WYSTAWCA". Thank You for this award!

Other projects

On request of our clients, we have developed a whole range of products used in building automation. We combine them high reliability and excellent functional parameters while maintaining low prices in mass production.