TOTUNORD - electronic compass

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TOTUNORD - User's Guide


Electronic compass TOTUNORD is designed to be able to mount it on the white canes. In result, the same hand is used to obtain the directions of the world. The compass by vibration indicates north direction only. The user should imagine on this basis the remaining geographical directions.

The compass to work requires energy provided by a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery must be recharged.

Recognition of geographical directions

To know the direction of the North, set the cane vertically, and then rotate around an axis. At the moment when the compass is pointing in the direction of the north compared to cane, will start vibration. If the cane is rotated too much, vibration stops. User can now slowly turn in the opposite direction to set the stick exactly to the North. In this position, the vibration signal will continue until the end of the sequence of several short vibration. Their number of vibrations in sequence is in the range of 3 to 5 depending on the battery state.

In some places, due to local magnetic field disturbances compass requires calibration. The calibration is very simple – it is enough to make one or two coplete rotations around the cane axial. Callibration is recommended, when north indication seems to be uncertain.

Installation on the white cane

Compass should be mounted on a cane as close as possible to the handle for a better sense of vibrations produced. The cane diameter should be in range of 16-17mm.

Prior to installation, the micro-USB charge socket should be found at the compass housing. This socket must be directed down when a cane is set vertically. It is very important.

Instalation in four steps:

  • Firstly, the screws should be completly removed using screw driver.
  • After disconnecting the cane segments, the flexible cord should be guided through the slot in the housing compass.
  • Slide the compass along the sticks until it comes into contact with handle.
  • Insert and tighten the previously removed screws.

If the battery is charged, the compass is ready to use.

How to check the battery charge status

As mentioned earlier, the number of short vibrations generated to indicate the direction of the north depends on the state of battery charge. It is 5, 4 or 3 vibrations depending on full, medium and low battery state respectively.. If the compass does not vibrate at all after a full rotation around the axis, it means, the battery is fully discharged.

Battery charging

You can use standard USB wall adapter or every USB port on PC for charging batteries.

During charging, when the battery is slightly charged , compass does not indicate geographical directions. In a State of medium or full charge the compass points North. It is possible to identify the State of the battery during charging.

Full battery lets you use the compass for a period of a 2 or 3 weeks. To be ready to use, compass battery should be charged once at month.

operating notes

Due to the local existence of strong "fake" magnetic fields in some places the compass will not indicate the north direction properly . This is normal and does not mean a device malfunction. A typical example of such sites are platforms for railways or trams and other locations in the proximity of the high power electrical cables.

Compass TOTUNORD is the only tool to support spatial orientation of visually-impaired people. The user must comply with the General safety rules.

The manufacturer does not accept any responsibility for the events in any way related to the use of the TOTUNORD compass.